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I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. It is my release, my calm, my outlet, my gift. I am a Christian living with Bipolar Disorder. Yes, we exist simultaneously!

Besides writing, I am also a speaker, and am working on my first book now.

Pray big things. Don’t stop. God is able, and will equip you for the journey ahead!

I have one site here, and write on a few different topics. Each one is particularly close to my heart. You can visit the “Search Content” page for a breakdown of the subjects.

I hope the messages will inspire you and remind you that you are never alone- someone out there understands.


I come to you offering genuine support, with real life stories, humor and emotions, combined with a respect for the God that I talk to daily, who I love without measure and that first loved me. I want you to know and believe, Jesus loves you-unconditionally, the messy, and the secret parts of you.

He desires a complete relationship with you, and you will always be loved and accepted by Him!

~Lisa Marie