Five Minute Friday- Done!

Attitude Belief Choice -Alison Botha, attempted murder/rape survivor


Let There Be Light — Source of Inspiration

I step through the portal out of the Darkness into the Light why did I not see it before? “Let there be Light” and there it is so easy we can’t believe it “Let there be Light” is my mantra now I say it again and again for Darkness cannot be where there is Light […] …

Bipolar Life- The Journal, #14

Invincible will never describe me. I am not super human, or super strong, or super anything. I am Lisa- humble, quiet, reserved, and meek. This world can be intimidating and scary even. Filled with fierce determination and absolute faith, this world remains small in the presence of my God.

Five Minute Friday- Vacation

Life, people, this world are often mysterious and baffling. Rest assured the world’s illusion of power and control will never stand when against the reality and truth of God’s power, love, grace, and strength.

Bipolar Life-The Journal, #13

I am learning the difference of being the one in peril versus being the family member on the outside looking in- powerless, exhausted, speechless, and scared. Picture me tapping my fingernails against the windowpane of a room I cannot enter, tears pouring down my cheeks, and fear capturing every breath I take.

Authentic Truth-Cheer for the Lost

Don’t ever stop the cheering for our brave men and women, who choose to serve their country. It doesn’t matter what you think of the current cause, or who the President of the United States is, because at the end of the day, they are just doing the job they signed up to do. They are there to serve and protect the United States of America.